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2010 Results page

ProE85 Top 8 Shootout
On Oct 9th the top 8 point ProE85'rs battled it out for the MLR track championship. Carr laid claim he was 'sharpening his knife' on the Internet all week. Not sure if that was a metaphor or if he was planning on cutting tires. Either way it sounded like he had plans of ensuring his win. 2010 ProE85 champ, Jason "PumpGas" Carr, pulled into the beams against Anthony "Mayhem" Piunti only to break the beams early and go red. Piunti, (8th in points), graciously took the early win light and stopped the timers at a 9.12 dulling the Carr knife.

Last weeks event 6 winner, Butch "Killer" Klibofske (5th), trying to keep on the winning streak drew Rob "Mr.NOSZ" Keller (4th). Keller had no intentions of going down early this week. Keller left on Butch enough so that his 9.05 was enough to hold off Butch’s 8.96.

Round 1 kept this streak going as last week burnout and wheelie award winner, Steve "NosVet" Hoch (3rd) took out Jason "Speedy" Spasoff (6th) with a winning 9.05 to his quicker but losing 8.96. Irony is the identical times with Butch, Keller, Hoch, and Spasoff.

The last pair in first round brought the 2010 runner up, "Big Dan" Randall and the 7th place finisher Steve "the Hammer" Penrod to the line. Randall bowed out of the run for the points championship the night before the last race due to hanging the titanium rods out of the crankcase. In a thrash, Randall borrowed and engine from his father and had to quickly have LNR fit it in and get it fired for the year end shootout. It must have worked, because he went 8.914 in pre-elimination time runs, only to whack a spark plug. To save his father's engine he opted to park it to ensure no more damage was done. Nice work guys!!!!

This brings us to 2nd round of elims. Keller and Piunti grab lanes next to each other. Close race to about 300' when Piunti breaks the crankshaft into pieces and oiled the track. Keller trips the clocks to a 9.17.

Next up is Hoch and Penrod. Gremlins are closing the year out, it seems, as Hoch destroys yet another ring and pinion!!! After the ‘vette comes to a stop, the '69 Camaro of Penrod has placed a 9.25 on the board.

Final round; "Mr.NOSZ" takes on "the Hammer" in an awesome final round. Just as Keller took out "Killer" in round one, Penrod proved he could do just the same. Penrod took the win with an 8.979 to Keller’s 8.972. "the Hammer" wins the track championship on a hole shot!!!!!

Event 6 Finals

Race With Mother Nature
Butch "Killer" Klibofske

Best Burnout AND Best Wheelie awards
Steve "NosVet" Hoch

Best 60' and Best Reaction Time
Jason "PumpGas" Carr

Honorable Mention
Kraig "Pumpkin" Maatman

Yet another rain altered event in 2010. Once again Mother Nature rained on our parade. The final points event only got qualifying in but was smacked with cool air during qualifying which made it interesting. The track was hooking hard and the temps were making a little extra power. Many cars went under on both of their Q-runs putting them on the bottom of the ladder. All this while some cars that were struggling stepped up a bit, and took spots in the top half of the ladder. Rob "Mr.NOSZ" Keller took top honors with his #1 qualifying position.

Then while all classes were either on their way to the lanes or already sitting there, the cold rain started falling, along with the sun. Track personel made the call to postpone the race until the following Saturday due to the radar not looking condusive to overcoming the cold wet track and just plain running out of time.

This leaves the end of the season points race and the track championship being back to back weekends, and a 3 weekend in a row setup for these classes too.

Now we move to the Oct 2nd date. All but 5 cars made it back for the eliminations of the previous weeks postponement. Mother nature again decided to attend the race and buy some more time for those that didnt make it. The event as postponed yet another day. The forecast was cold, but dry for the following day.

Now, we move to the Oct 3rd eliminations of the Sept 25th race. The setting was to start late morning and get this event in finally; and it worked. None of the missing five returned to claim their spot, but the racing was stellar none-the-less. Many 8.9x runs against 8.9x runs made some very entertaining racing to say the least.

Butch "Killer" Klibofske topped them all by accepting, no, taking his first win in the ProE85 ranks. Butch got a bye into the final after taking out "The Hammer", "GetDusted", and a first round bye. The final paried "The Killer" against well known, and very tough, Jason "PumpGas" Carr. Carr was traction challeneged as Butch streaked to turn on the win light.

Carr's trip to the final included having to take out the twin turbo'd Mustang of Cris "Shirt Fuse" Ripple in the first round; got the bye in the 2nd round, took out the #1 qualifier "Mr.NOSZ" in the 3rd, and the ProE85 initiator Duane "Crusher" Waldrop.

Carr added yet another final round appearance to his list in the way to the back to back ProE85 Championships. What a ride Jason!! Congrats!!!! You now have a HUGE target on your back for 2011!!!

Carr's closest challenge in the points was "Big Dan" Randall. Randall had a stellar season with repeat final round appearances, however in testing prior to the re-re-reschedule, Randall hung the rods out, thus removing his ability to challenge Carr for the championship.

Steve "NosVet" Hoch was another that was within striking distance, but was taken out by the "Crusher" in round 1 as a result of having to pedal the IRS '69 'vette back out of a MONSTER wheelstand.

Event 5

Double Up, Doubled Up

Wow look at these guys just taking command in 2010 sophmore season of ProE85 Racing. Jason "PumpGas" Carr winning two events in a row, and "Big Dan" Randall also hitting back-to-back finals rocketing him into the 2nd place position in the points.

Notes: Top 6 qualifiers of the 21 car field were in the 8 second zone, with 4 more behind them in the 9.0s; one of the most competitive fields of ProE85 cars to date. First round had four runs in the 8s and four in the 9.0s. Of the five cars left in the quarterfinals four of them were in the 8.9s with the fifth running 9.02

Awards: Terry "GetDusted" Clark takes the burnout award for the second time in a row, and Larry "Sevens" Nagy Jr. graciously accepted the wheelie award. Steve "NosVet" Hoch, number one qualifier with an 8.91, obliterated the reaction time award with a .012 reaction time to take the second round win over the quicker but losing Jason "Speedy" Spassoff

Event 4

Jason "PumpGas" Carr back ontop for the fourth event of the series. Jason compiled a set of runs good enoguht o grab the $ and the trophy and putting him back on top of the points with only two races to go.

details to come....

Event 3

Congrats goes out to
Steve "The Hammer" Penrod
on his first win with his ASTOUNDINGLY beautiful '69 Camaro. Coming out of the 5th qualifying spot, this thing put on an awesome show with killer burnouts, monster wheelies, great reaction times, and eventually the win.

Penrod and Anthony "Mayhem" Piunti ended up in the final round, both using holeshot wins on the way there. Penrod took out Langbeen with a 9.07 to a losing 9.06; Ripple with a 9.07 to the 9.59 of Ripple's; points leader Hoch with a 8.98 to a slightly off 9.03 out of the 'vette; and Piunti in the final with a 8.995 to Piunti's 9.177. that left Penrod with a 9.03 average for the night and teh number 2 spot int he points!!

Not to leave out Piunti as he was stellar too. He topped Shultz with a 9.11 over the losing 9.73; got he broken by in rd 2; and took out Keller with a 9.03 to a quicker but losing 9.01; ran a 9.03 again on a bye into the final; then Penrod was his nemisis laying down a 8.99 to Piunti's losing 9.17. Awesome close racing!!!!

Mother Nature finally cooperated and let us run a full event!!! Well she cooperated to a certain extent. Adverse track conditions during qualifying with 121* track temps made getting your top spot just that much more difficult. Pickelman and his narrow rear shoes sure left two smoke trails on the way to an surprisingly improved run. Blower Bob nearly kissed the wall a couple times over on one run. By eliminations track temps peaked at 126* and the track got even trickier. Mama Nature pretty well leveled the lanes out to where lane choice really didnt mean much. She seems to be attending all of our events in some fashion.

As the night fell, and the track cooled, it didnt seem to improve as drastically as NLR is known to do. With the storm clouds going by to the north and the south, some question on how the night would end come into mind. The Hammer didnt care about the weather or track conditions though. He hung on all night to grab the win!

So now that we got a full event in we should start seeing the points start take shape. Things will be shifting a little as some of the leaders went out early. Some others couldn't make the first round call due to more catastrophic failure during qualifying.

This was one great night of seriously close racing. Reaction times are becoming more and more important in this class as everyone is getting their stuff together.

What a night of class act VFN Fiberglass & Performance ProE85 racing!!!![/CENTER]

Event 2

June 12th was yet another chance to hang out and get the rigs washed (by mother nature) and just all around burn a Saturday.

Time runs were ran and just as qualifying began, on came Mother Nature once again. Steve "NosVet" Hoch and Rob "MrZ" Keller was the only two to get down the track for Q1 prior to her arrival. This time she hung out long enough for the track officials to cancel the event. Kinda odd how we need her to help create our fuel (growing corn) but yet when we do get to burn it, she is not cooperating. Wondering now if she is making up for such a successful year in 2009 with no weather altered events for the US series at NLR.

During the time run session some had good results, some not so happy, and, amazingly enough, quite a bit of carnage (engine-wise) for at least four participants. "Sevens" Nagy, "Pumpkin" Maatman, "Short Fuse" Ripple, and "GetDusted" Clark all had engine damage ending their day earlier than Mother Nature ended everyone elses. This event cancelation plays into their favor within the point standings.

This leaves a 4 race shootout for the ProE85 points series and then onto the October event for the Belt Shootout and track championship! Come see what happens at the next event on July 10th!

Event 1
ProE85 hit the track the 15th of May with a whole new program to unveil. Mother Nature however, unveiled her plan of rain, unbeknownst to the meteorologists.

Open time runs started at noon and most of the ProE85 crew was doing some pre-qualifying testing. A few having some new found issues that errupted over the winter, and some finding new hope after a bad year in 2009. All in all the testing show went well. However when the call came for Q1 at 2pm, more H2O showed up than N2O.

After watching the rain fall for nearly 4 hrs, the NLR track crew came out, along with MANY volunteers to drive their rides up and down the 1320 to speed up the track drying and get the show on. With the curfew of 10pm looming, time was of the essence. It was decided to go into elimination with a random draw setup as to who was paired up. Time only allowed for Rd1 & 2 to be ran, but as far as a short show goes, this was one AWESOME show put on by everyone, including the fans.

During the 5.5 hour rain delay, it gave fans & racers time to get the ProE85 gear, posters, sticker, shirt, sweatshirts (it was chilly) and come around and meet and greet all the ProE85 drivers and get autographs, chit-chat, etc.

To all, thanks from the ProE85 racers for purchasing the aformentioned items, and ask that you wear/display them with PRIDE as seeing you do so makes us very proud to do what we do for you!

Steve Penrod 9:17 W
Steve Burney 9:39
Jason Carr 8.89 W (best reaction time)
Steve Penrod 8:87
Jason Carr 8.903 W (best 60 ft)
Kevin Rys 8.84

Brett Heidgerken 9.24 W
John Coros 9.48
Rob Keller W
Brett Heidgerken
Rob Keller 8.99 W
Mike Donnel 11.00

Dan Randall 9.99 W
Bryan Ripple 10.34 (best wheelie)
Larry Nagy 9.26 W
Dan Randall 9.41
Larry Nagy 9.11 W
Butch Klibofske 9.45

Steve Hoch 9.14 W
Anthony Piunti 9.41
Steve Hoch 9.18 W
John Bozek 11.40
John Bozek 9.77 W
Bob Striker 11.70

Jason Spasoff 9.65 W
Mike Iliff 10.90
Jason Spasoff 9.51 W
Eric Langbeen 9.68
Eric Langbeen 9.24 W (best burnout)
Ray Metheny 11.00

Kraig Maatman broke
Chris Swentko W
Chris Swentko 10.84 W
Terry Clark "red light"
  • Due to the 10:00 PM curfew we could not finish the race.
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    #4 = 3,
    #5 = 2,
    #6 = 2,
    #7 = 1,
    #8 = 1,
    #9 and below = 0

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