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Final rules
Old 03-15-2009, 01:30 AM
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Default Final rules

The emphasis behind this class is to have the closest look as possible to the theme of street driven/drivable vehicles pounding the quarter mile to an 8 second run on eco friendly E85. Rules are purposley loose, but the theme is still there and is the primary unwritten rule. This class is about the show put on for the fans, so large burnouts are strongly promoted and encouraged, along with huge nitrous purges, and wheelstands of stratospheric proportions.
  • Race Procedure
  • 8.90 index
  • 32 car field - Runs under 8.90 are DQ'd and NOT placed on the ladder unless there are 32 cars or less total. In the event of multiple cars in this situation, closest to 8.90 will be placed in the highest available "empty" spot until the ladder is full or all cars are placed.
  • PRO Ladder - .400 Pro Tree
  • Racing quarter mile unless on 1/8 mile track
  • Any driver found to be under the influence of alcoholic beverages or drugs during competition, regardless of amount, will be ejected from the event and/or cause for revocation of competition privileges.
  • Nick name is a must (car or driver)
  • $50.00 entry for all drivers
  • Payout will be based on car count (TBA)
  • Trophy for the winner at each race
  • We will keep points for the year "PROE85 Championship" - Championship jacket(s) will be awarded
  • Points are given to the driver of the car after each race
  • Drivers crew must wear PRO E85 gear on the starting during the race
  • Driver must stage his racecar under power to advance to the next round
  • Chassis
  • No Front Wheel Drive
  • No Tube cars
  • Back half and 3/4 Chassis are OK
  • Stock suspension is OK
  • Any rear suspension
  • Wheelie bars are optional
  • Must have stock front frame rails from firewall forward including stock A arm mounts - bolt in crossmembers are OK
  • Any size tire (DOT or Slicks)
  • Body
  • Door cars only
  • No minimum weight
  • Cars must be completely painted
  • Cars must have all body panels (including a hood)
  • Cars must have carpet on the floor pans
  • Cars must have stock appearing dash (fiberglass replacement - OK)
  • No primer or gel coated body parts
  • Satin colors are OK
  • Lexan windows - OK if stock appearing and NO visible mounting
  • Door glass must be operational
  • Fiberglass replacements panels are OK if stock appearing
  • No forward facing "hood scoops" unless factory (ex. six pack / Camaro SS / SVO) Turbo inlets molded into body are OK
  • Blower / Supercharger setups (ex. hilborn style - air scoops for carbs) and (ex. injector hat/hilborn style injectors) are OK
  • Must have headlights but having them on is optional but encouraged during evening runs
  • Must have two full size automotive seats
  • No lettering on body except nickname on quarter panels is OK
  • Custom paint or wraps are OK
  • Must run windshield banner
  • Engine/Trans
  • Mufflers are optional
  • MUST RUN ON IGNITE ETHANOL - 2019 Spec fuel will be Ignite Ethanol only
  • Random Fuel checks and winner will be checked
  • No throttle stop devices
  • Air cylinder allowed on throttle connection for burnout and staging rpm control ONLY. No down track use is permitted. Applies to Blower / Supercharger set ups ONLY, no other application is allowed throttle controllers
  • No air or electric shifters
  • Clutch cars are OK
  • Safety
  • NHRA safety rules apply
  • Must have applicable sanctioned competition license for ETs and speeds of vehicle driven at the appropriate sanctioned tracks.
  • All engines must have an approved engine diaper (oil containment device)
Other awards TBA, ie best wheelie, burnout, etc. etc.

2010 amendments are in green.
2011 amendments are in blue.
2012 amendments are in yellow.
2015 amendments are in red.
2019 amendments are in orange.
Although we have no intention of changing rules midseason, we do reserve the right to if it is the best interest of the class integrity, spectators, safety, or clarity.

Contact our Tech personel at tech@proe85.com



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